Dominic to storm Nigeria with new brand of cosmetics

CANADA-BASED South Sudanese entrepreneur and philanthropist, Neveen Dominic, is set to roll out her brand of cosmetics, Neveen Dominic Cosmetics, in Nigeria.

The actress, who became the first South Sudanese actress and film producer in Nollywood, has her eye on Nigeria for more than the entertainment industry.

According to Neveen Dominic, her cosmetic line is launching in Nigeria and Ghana this year as part of the Foundation Domination World Tour.

Neveen, who recently wrapped the shoot of the TV series, ‘It’s A Crazy World’ in Nigeria explains that the cosmetic line is all about empowering women, which lines up with her journey through life as a South Sudanese refugee as narrated in her autobiography, ‘Beauty From The Ashes of War.’

Explaining further, she said that the idea is not just to empower women, but also to encourage them in terms of boosting their self-confidence and inspiring them to pursue their passion and dreams regardless of the challenges they may be facing.

“I was in Nigeria for a couple of weeks and from encounter, I really admire Nigerians in the sense of their management skills,” she said.

“From my interactions, I have known so much about what is going on in the country and how people are so desperate to find opportunities which over in Canada or in the States is readily available. When I see how hungry people are to work hard and to bare their lives or to follow their passion, it is really inspiring to me.”

As a result, Neveen Dominic Cosmetics will be rolling out a series of activities which will include makeup training sessions, motivational shows, fashion parades, a digital challenge which will reward makeup artistes, and a host of other activities.

“I am very excited about Nigeria. there are lots of beautiful black women here that I really want to connect with and I want them to use my products. I’m looking at launching formally later in the year and I’m looking to connect with more people. Nigeria has a big market and I definitely want to tap into it and connect with more black women here.”

Based in Calgary, Alberta in Canada, Neveen Dominic Cosmetics luxury line boasts of dermatology formulated skincare line, high end makeup, and fragrances which are made in Canada, United States and Germany.

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