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American wins award for book on African wildlife politics

By Emmanuel Koro

As the politics of African wildlife continues to play a major role in ongoing media debates, some Western writers are using the subject to help educate the public on the possibility that racism is impacting on much of what is proposed by the West.

Last week, Godfrey Harris won recognition for his hilarious and educative book “Credit the Crocodile” (2017). The book was selected as a finalist for the Book Excellence Award, which is sponsored by Canadians. Harris is an American author and a keen follower of African wildlife politics. Read more

Uber Considers Expanding into Senegal’s Capital

By Esha Sarai

But in a city full of taxis and drivers who don’t have smartphones, the San Francisco-based company will have to overcome a lot of challenges to be useful to Dakar residents and turn a profit. The city, like most African capitals, has an abundance of taxis. In most parts of the city, any time day or night, it’s easy to find a ride. But the city is rapidly expanding, and Uber says it has seen an opportunity to move in. Read more

Audible Football Camp to Launch Morocco’s First American Football Conference

By Celia Konstantellou

Audible Football Camp, a non-profit US organization, will partner with Rabat Pirates, the Moroccan association of American football, to organize the first major American football conference in the country’s history.

The five-day conference will be held from July 12 to July 16, 2019 in Ben Slimane. It will be open to all American football lovers, including people who are already play the sport, as well as to anyone seeking to discover more about it. Read more

U.S. and Ethiopia to Conduct Justified Accord (JA) 2019

The U.S. military, in partnership with the Ethiopia National Defense Force, militaries from the nations of Brazil, Burundi, Canada, Djibouti, France, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Netherlands, Rwanda, Somalia, Uganda, United Kingdom and participating international organizations such as the United Nations offices, African Union, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Institute of Peace and the International Committee of the Red Cross, will conduct Justified Accord (JA) 2019, a command headquarter and company-level field training exercise, July 15-31. Read more

JetSet | Want to save wildlife? Visit Africa, expert says

By Amy Cherry

Mark Tennant is one of Africa’s most talented private wildlife guides, founding Journey Wild. It took 15 years with the wildlife, but he’s been kissed by a cheetah while filming his television show Mad Mike and Mark that aired internationally on Discovery’s Animal Planet. The experience was featured on Carte Blanche, a South African investigative journalism television series, and posted to YouTube. Read more

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