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American actor Samuel L. Jackson travels to Africa to meet his relatives in Gabon

By Halligan Agade

American actor and film producer Samuel L. Jackson has traced his ancestry through Finding Your Roots, an American docu-series that uses traditional genealogical research and genetics to discover the family history of celebrities.American actor Samuel L. Jackson travels to Africa to meet his relatives in Gabon.

The Hollywood veteran found discovered his roots to the Bantu tribe in the West African nation of Gabon.

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The beauty and the importance of the W.E.B. Dubois Memorial Centre for Pan African Culture


Set on a beautiful campus in the bustling heart of Accra, Ghana, is the inspirational W.E.B. DuBois Centre for Pan African Culture, which was dedicated on June 22, 1985.

A proud bust of DuBois surveys the peaceful green and plant-filled grounds.

Locals, tourists and relocated foreign residents descend upon this expansive and embracing campus to learn about and feel the energy of this world renowned Pan Africanist scholar, innovator, publisher and avid writer. Read more

Moving to Ghana ‘healed my ancestral trauma’ – Sicley Williams

This month marks 400 years since the first African slaves arrived in the United States and the beginning of the transatlantic slave trade. Overall some 12 million enslaved Africans were transported across the Atlantic. This year is also Ghana’s ‘Year of Return’, an initiative launched by the Ghanaian government to encourage the African diaspora to come back to Ghana.

Sicley Williams moved to Accra from Atlanta in the US back in 2017. She told Newsday’s Bola Mosuro what about her personal reasons for making the move. Read more

50 African Americans Arrive Nigerian city of Benin to trace ancestry

50 African-American have arrived the Nigerian city of Benin on a mission to trace their ancestry.  The tourists, arrived Benin from California, United States of America (USA), and were entertained by the Benin Cultural Troupe as well as been treated to delicious local African dishes, including palm oil fruits soup (banga), blended vegetable (black) soup, owo soup, pounded yam and agidi (corncake) among others. Read more

Seventy African-Americans trace their roots to Oyo Kingdom in Nigeria

By Bode Durojaiye

Seventy African-Americans have traced their ancestral lineage to the ancient town of Oyo, Nigeria and were feted at a reception organised in their honor at the Palace of the Alaafin of Oyo. Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi 111. The monarch used to the occasion to call on the Nigerian government embark on re-integrating Yorubas across the globe back to their ancestral roots.  Read more