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How The Trump Administration Protested When Kenya Halted a Coal-Fired Power Plant

When the Kenyan government had second thoughts about allowing the country’s first coal-fired power plant, the Trump Administration’s representative in the country protested.

U.S. Ambassador Kyle McCarter, a Trump appointee who previously served as a Republican state senator in Illinois, went on Twitter to argue in a string of tweets that coal is environmentally sound, that the plant would boost the country’s economy and that a critical analysis of the plant from a clean energy think tank amounted only to the work of “highly paid protestors.” Read more

American wins award for book on African wildlife politics

By Emmanuel Koro

As the politics of African wildlife continues to play a major role in ongoing media debates, some Western writers are using the subject to help educate the public on the possibility that racism is impacting on much of what is proposed by the West.

Last week, Godfrey Harris won recognition for his hilarious and educative book “Credit the Crocodile” (2017). The book was selected as a finalist for the Book Excellence Award, which is sponsored by Canadians. Harris is an American author and a keen follower of African wildlife politics. Read more