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Can Trump’s Prosper Africa make America greater than China and other partners in Africa?

By Landry Signé and Eric Olander

The official launch of the Trump Administration’s Prosper Africa program at the Corporate Council on Africa’s U.S.-Africa Business Summit in Mozambique on June 19 comes after months of policy talk about ramping up trade and investment between the United States and African countries. Prosper Africa aligns with the Trump administration’s Africa strategy, introduced by National Security Adviser John Bolton last December, which aims to promote prosperity, security, and stability in U.S.-Africa relations, and confirms the administration’s prioritization of trade and investment to reach those three objectives. Read more

A Visitor in My Homelands: Too African for the U.S. and Too American for Nigeria

My relationship to my ancestral home is complicated yet precious.

By Itoro Udofia

People often assume I was not born and raised in the United States. As a child of Nigerian immigrants bearing an indigenous name, and with features etched from another land, I have never felt like I fully belong here.

But I’ve also had difficulty fitting in with my Nigerian origins. Read more

The story of a private-equity fund shows how a U.S.-Egypt reset could begin

By David Ignatius

You can’t find many success stories in the United States’ sour, sullen relationship with Egypt over the past decade. Mostly it has been a tale of mutual suspicion, thanks to erratic U.S. policy and growing Egyptian political repression.

But talking with Amal Enan, a 33-year-old Egyptian economist, you realize what a healthy relationship could accomplish. She runs the Cairo office of an innovative, little-noticed development project that’s quietly backed by the two governments, known as the Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund.

Read more

A New Paradigm for U.S.-African Relations – African Regional Capitalism

By Mekki Elmograbi

KHARTOUM, Sudan – Capitalism is quietly transforming Africa. Now it is time for international institutions – and Western perceptions – to catch up.

Private sector-led growth has shown impressive gains in South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, and Ivory Coast. In fact, these economies are rated among the best ten African countries for investors, according to Venture Africa Report 2019. Read more

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