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African Governments Rush to Hire Trump-Linked Lobbyists 

By Robbie GramerJefcoate O’Donnell

The lobbying firm that represents an African government accused of atrocities has hired U.S. President Donald Trump’s former acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker—the latest in a recent surge of contracts with African countries seeking to improve their image in Washington.

Whitaker, who is joining Clout Public Affairs as managing director, will not be working directly on the contract with the government of Cameroon and will not be filing as a lobbyist, a Clout Public Affairs spokesperson told Foreign Policy. Read more

As Trump Moves to Label Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Group,

By Skylar Lindsay May 2, 2019

The White House announced on Tuesday that President Donald Trump is pushing to designate Egypt-based Islamist group the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

As the United States continues to support Egypt with an annual military aid package of $1.3 billion, the U.S. is also funding ongoing human rights violations by the Egyptian military and security forces. Read more

US Congresswoman Calls on Eritrea to Release American

The chair of a U.S. House Foreign Affairs subcommittee has called on the Eritrean government to release an American citizen who has been detained in the country for more than six years.

Ciham Ali Abdu was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Eritrea. In December 2012, Eritrean officials apprehended Ciham when she attempted to leave the country without a mandatory exit visa.

Read more

US Virginia state senator says 30 June revolution reflected Egyptians’ will

Richard Hayden Black, a Republican member of the Virginia State Senate, affirmed that the 30 June 2013 revolution in Egypt cannot be referred to as a “coup,” as 30 million protesters took to the streets against former president Mohamed Morsi, sending a clear message that it was time for him to leave.

Black’s remarks came during a discussion session held by the Pulse of America Foundation for Public Relations and Media Production in the US Congress to discuss Egyptian-American relations.

The session was moderated by Michael Morgan, a political researcher at the London Center for Policy Research (LCPR) in Washington. Read more

Political Handlers With Trump Ties Take Their Election Playbooks to Africa

By Dionne Searcey

ABUJA, Nigeria — When a Nigerian presidential candidate landed in the United States in January after years of being subject to a visa ban because of corruption allegations, he had a team of Western consultants and lobbyists to thank for the warm American welcome.

One of those who helped was Riva Levinson, who was mentored in the art of political consulting by Paul Manafort, the former chairman of President Trump’s presidential campaign, sentenced this month to more than seven years in prison for a host of crimes. Read more