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US ups investment in Africa to counter China’s influence

US will more than double money available for investment in low- and middle-income countries, many of them in Africa.

By Kaelyn Forde

Eleven heads of state and government and more than 1,000 business leaders are meeting in Mozambique this week for the US-Africa Business Summit ahead of the launch of a new, ambitious $60bn United States investment agency that some analysts are calling a “once-in-a-generational opportunity” for the continent as well as a bid by the administration of US President Donald Trump to directly counter China’s influence there. Read more

Kenya and Tanzania face big cuts in US anti-Aids funding – Daily Nation

By Kelvin Kelley, NEW YORK,

Failure to provide essential data or to serve especially vulnerable groups will result in deep cuts in US anti-Aids funding for Kenya and Tanzania, a global development NGO said on Wednesday.

The President’s Emergency Programme for Aids Relief (Pepfar), a US initiative launched in 2003, plans to reduce spending for Kenya from 2018’s level of $505 million to $395 million in 2020. For Tanzania, Pepfar funding is set to drop from $512 million to $395 million. Read more

US pledges US$4 M to improve rule of law institutions in Ethiopia

The United States of America has announced the launch of its new two-year US$4 million project for for Ethiopia to help improve and strengthen institutions working in areas of rule of law.

Feteh (justice), is a program funded by the US Agency For International Development (USAID) and will provide support for the Attorney General’s office and the Supreme Court’s efforts to expand their independent decision-making and oversight capacities.

Read more

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