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Niger IED incident spotlights U.S. terror fight in African country

By Ben Wolfgang – The Washington Times

A U.S. vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Niger on Saturday, Pentagon officials said, in an incident that once again shines a spotlight on America’s military presence in the African country.

U.S. Africa Command said that the American mine-resistant, all-terrain vehicle hit an IED while entering a firing range near the town of Ouallam in southwestern Niger. No U.S. service members were killed or injured. Read more

Pentagon not trying to delay report on ambush in Niger Republic

By: Kyle Rempfer

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan told reporters Monday that he’s not trying to delay the release of a report on the October 2017 Niger ambush, which is expected to include decisions on reprimands and awards.

“To the families, I’m not trying to delay a report,” Shanahan, who came into the defense secretary role in January, said.

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis convened a review on the ambush that was supposed to include recommendations for awards and punishments. However, when that review was brought to Shanahan after he assumed control over the Pentagon, he did not find it satisfactory.

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